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Enhance Your Home's Comfort and Efficiency with Weather Seal Solutions

FREE Door Seal

Ensure your home stays cozy and quiet with door seals, available at no cost to all Victorians through the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. Retaining heat during winter is essential for every homeowner, and door seals play a crucial role in preventing draughts, dust, and noise from entering your living space. These seals are installed on doors and door frames to eliminate cold draughts, reduce heat loss, and enhance overall comfort.

FREE Air Vent Seal

Improve your home's energy efficiency with air vent seals, provided free to all Victorians through the VEU program. These seals effectively block drafts by sealing gaps around vents, reducing air leaks, and enhancing insulation. By preventing air leakage, air vent seals contribute to maintaining consistent indoor temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs, and promoting a more sustainable environment.

FREE Exhaust Fan Seal

Enhance your home's energy efficiency with exhaust fan seals, available at no cost to all Victorians through the VEU program. This innovative product seals the void space of exhaust fans when switched off, blocking unwanted airflow between the ceiling space and your home. By weatherproofing your home, exhaust fan seals help reduce electricity consumption needed to maintain optimum indoor temperatures.

FREE Chimney Seal

Maintain optimal indoor temperatures and reduce energy waste with chimney seals (chimney dampers), offered for free to all Victorians through the VEU program. Chimney seals effectively block air from entering or exiting chimneys, helping retain warm air in cold climates and cool air in warm climates. They also reduce noise disturbances and prevent debris from falling into chimneys. Chimney seals are easy to install and remove, providing a simple solution to improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort.

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